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Natural Supplements

NATURAL SELECTION Products of Choice

Confused about supplements? Read all those conflicting reports, one day saying something helps, the next saying it hinders? Then there´s the price - some are cheap, while others are quite expensive. How can anyone know what´s best? 

At Natural Selection we have done all the hard work for you - here are the products we use ourselves, selected from the thousands out there. We look for the ones nearest the natural state and ideally GMO free, organic, vegan, gluten-free and great value for money.

In this section you will find the products we have chosen from the pack, so you can shop with confidence, knowing they are our ´Products of Choice´ - the best of the best. The ones we use ourselves.

Avoiding the Hype

Research shows, for example, that two thirds of people with cancer in the UK turn to the internet for help and self-empowerment. Many products are sold there. Many make claims that are simply ‘over-claims’ and some are even down-right lies.

The fact is that no single drug, no vitamin, no herbal concoction is going to ´cure´ cancer but claims are plentiful on the internet.

But we want you to understand that we make no such 
over-claims and anyway, new laws say that none of our natural compounds and supplements should be considered to be a treatment, or a cure, for cancer - or indeed any other serious illness.

Finding Products you can Trust

Many products on the market are cheap synthetic and deficient copies of the real thing. There is a lot of research that they don´t do much good, and even may do harm. Here we avoid those supplements preferring the naturally-sourced, closest to the real compounds you will find in foods. We look through hundreds in each category to make our choice. Obviously it depends on our judgement and criteria. 

Importantly, we are a not-for-profit company so we don´t chose the ones that benefit our pockets - just the ones that we think will benefit our Health. 

And that´s why we call them our ´Products of Choice´. If you find better out there, please let us know. We haven´t stopped looking and trying to make things even better.

To summarise, ALL OUR PRODUCTS of CHOICE: 

  • Have been selected by us after extensive research as being, in our opinion, the best in their category;
  • Are All Naturally sourced  - where applicable - we are most concerned about the increasing use of synthetic supplements;
  • Have some added plus;
  • Are what we consider to be excellent value for money.
  • And ideally are GMO-free, organic, gluten-free natural supplements.

And we are adding more all the time.

Other Products

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All individuals should consult their own Doctor or Medical Specialist before taking any supplements, taking any treatment or refraining from taking any treatment. Always check with a qualified medical herbalist for any contra-indications with the drugs you are taking.

Warning: it is very unlikely your doctor or oncologist has any in-depth knowledge of natural compounds or herbs, their benefits or any side-effects.

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Probiotic Supplement (Protozymes)

Our Product of Choice: 

ProBiotics - ProtoZymes  (Modere)

click for information

60 caps - £35.70

Our Product of Choice

Complete Probiotics Dr Mercola

click for information

180 caps - £69.99
60 caps - £28.99

Our Product of Choice

Quercetin/Bromelain Complex

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100 caps - £18.99
Radiance Skin Care

Our Product of Choice

Radiance Skin Care (by Louise Brackenbury

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100ml - £19.99
Red Clover

Our Product of Choice

Red Clover (in freshly prepared liquid form)


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100ml with dropper - £21.50
50ml with dropper - £14.20
Red Clover (Organic)

Our product of choice: Red Clover (Organic)

Vegan, Kosher. Organic, Veg Caps 60 caps

60 caps - £11.99
Red Clover Tinture (Organic)

Our product of choice: Organic Red Clover Tincture


Organic Red Clover tincture is made with fresh Triflolium pratense flowers

50ml - £7.50

Our Product of Choice


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16fl oz - £55.99
8fl oz - £35.99
Our Product of Choice Resveratrol complex from Viridian. 

100 per cent all-natural, organic, pure resveratrol from grape skins combined with
pterostilbene, Co-Q10, Hesperidin and Pine Bark. Antioxidant and a natural polyphenolic compound.
Vegetarian, Vegan, Veg Caps

Unavailable at the moment.  
60 caps - £33.99

Our Product of Choice: Acta Resveratrol from AOR 

A natural polyphenolic compound found in grapeskins, blackberries etc.

90 caps - £38.99
Resveratrol (Liposomal)

Our Product of Choice: Resveratrol (Liposomal) from Lipolife


Best in category product by far. All-natural polyphenolic resveratrol found in grapeskins, blackberries etc available in a liposomal delivery format. Simply the best.

250ml - £49.99
Our Product of Choice: Salvestrols Platinum 

A blend of bitter orange, grape, blueberry and blackberry fruit extracts in a vegetarian hard gelatine-free capsule.

Salvestrols resulted from the work of Professors Gerry Potter and Dan Burke who were studying possible cell "rescue mechanisms" produced by natural compounds in foods.
60 caps - £42.95
90 caps - £61.50
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No products should be considered as treatments or cures for Cancer.

Although it is very unlikely that your doctor or oncologist has any in-depth knowledge of natural compounds and herbs and their benefits or any side-effects, you should always seek qualified medical opinion for any contra-indications with the drugs you are taking - a qualified medical herbalist may be able to advise.