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Local Distributors Australia Distributors United States of America Distributors Welcome to Natural Selection where we aim to bring you the best 'health' products available, all chosen and used by our own 'selection' team including Chris Woollams. Importantly, they are chosen, not for reasons of profit, but because we believe (be they toxin-free products, salts, health foods or supplements) they are the best available in their categories. That's why we call each our 'Product of Choice'. We wouldn't use anything less. Why should you?

For example, we look for supplements that are complete and from natural sources - we would not consider cheaper synthetic and/or deficient copies of the real thing found in nature.

We want all the products we sell to be best in category: so we avoid GMO, preservatives, pesticides, and gluten wherever possible. Our tinctures are usually freshly prepared to order.

In the event of problems ordering you may contact 0203 186 1006.

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Vitamin E
Our Price £51.80
Probiotic (practitioner ...
Our Price £32.00
Radiance Skin Care
Our Price £20.50
Holy Basil
Our Price £19.99
Resveratrol (Acta Resver ...
Our Price £38.99
Glutathione (Liposomal) ...
Our Price £42.99
Curcumin Complex (high p ...
Our Price £19.99
Feverfew (organic)
Our Price £11.50
Our Price £22.50
Our Price £13.99
Our Price £29.99
BioBran Tablets
Our Price £51.99
Ashwagandha Plus
Our Price £25.99
Indole 3 Carbinol
Our Price £33.99
The Rainbow Diet - and h ...
Our Price £15.00
Products You Can Trust.

We are always amazed how people like to buy 'cheap supplements', or cheap skin creams. But do you realise that they can be synthetic and deficient or even contain toxic ingredients? Ours may be a little more expensive, but this is your health and your body. We wouldn't use cheap alternatives ourselves, and you can see all the products have been selected by our team - OUR NATURAL SELECTION - they use these products themselves. Surely you are worth it too?

Terms and Condition

Please – to avoid any unfortunate misunderstandings, (for example, the UK postal service is outside of our control and products very occasionally do go missing in transit) read these terms before you purchase - click on this link now.

  Important Health Warning

Please be clear. While a myriad of research articles are freely available in the public domain we do not consider any one of the products sold on this site to be a treatment, in whole or in part, for cancer or any other serious illness. Indeed, we deliberately make no health claims for any product.

Also, all individuals should consult their own Doctor or Medical Specialist before taking any supplements, taking any treatment or refraining from taking any treatment.